WIESAUPLAST will becomes part of the globally active SCHERDELGroup from January 1st, 2022.

With this takeover, SCHERDEL is intensifying its activities in in the field of plastics/plastics-metal, which it started in 2006. WIESAUPLAST will benefit from the international positioning, the existing market access and the innovative strength of the SCHERDEL Group.

Information about the SCHERDEL Group:

The SCHERDELGruppe is a family company with more than 130 years of tradition in the fourth generation. Since its foundation, the company has been headquartered in Marktredwitz in Upper Franconia. With more than 6,000 employees and 42 manufacturing plants at 32 locations in 12 countries, SCHERDEL generates a turnover of around €700 million. In the business areas automotive, pharmaceuticals and industry, the Upper Franconian company is active in the fields of metal forming, joining technology, component assembly, machine and tool construction, as well as surface technology, research and product development.

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In addition to the technological complementarity, the regional proximity between the SCHERDEL headquarters in Marktredwitz and the WIESAUPLAST plant in Wiesau, as well as in Mexico, where the WIESAUPLAST plant is only 2.5 hours away from the SCHERDEL site in Silao, was also a favourable factor.

The new alliance of technologies is consciously expressed both by the change of name from WIESAUPLAST to SCHERDELWiesauplast and by the new logo of the company, which includes both SCHERDEL and WIESAUPLAST.

Within the SCHERDEL Group, SCHERDELWiesauplast will act as a plastics technology center and lead plant.

The existing customers and the current parts portfolio of WIESAUPLAST will be further consolidated and expanded with the new possibilities through belonging to the SCHERDEL Group.

The management of SCHERDELWiesauplast will in future be taken over by Wolfgang Beer as Managing Director. Mr. Beer was previously in charge of the strategy project Plastics-Metal in the SCHERDELGroup and had previously worked for 30 years at WIESAUPLAST and the Dr. Schneider Group in Kronach in various management positions.

Mr. Ammer, the previous managing director of WIESAUPLAST, will retire at the end of the year with the transition to SCHERDEL.

We are convinced that both our mutual customers, SCHERDEL's own customers and WIESAUPLAST's own customers will benefit from this alliance of technologies and that we will thus create the best conditions for both companies to meet the challenges in the course of the transformation.

In the future, we will be able to offer our customers an even better service worldwide in the field of plastics / plastics - metal, both in series production, but also already in the prototype phase in terms of expertise, technologies and speed.

Due to the proximity, the plants in Wiesau and Marktredwitz, as well as San Iturbide and Silao in Mexico, can complement each other excellently and develop synergies. The new alliance of technologies creates highly interesting and future-oriented jobs. Training is an important part of the philosophy.


scope of services

Human Resources

To ensure the growth of Wiesauplast going forward, our employees are the key to success. This is why the training of specialists, the promotion of new managers, and integrated human resource development have always been key components of our HR strategy.

We take this topic very seriously and are fully aware that the transformation of the employment market demands even greater engagement to ensure the long-term loyalty of our specialists and managers.

Metall Substitution

The line between metal and plastic continues to shift. Weight reduction, the integration of functions, ex- panded design freedom, and component and system costs are driving this trend.


With plastic-metal hybrid technology, Wiesauplast combines the benefits of two different materials and realizes synergy effects beyond the capabilities of a single material. Mechanical load capacity and electrical conductivity are just two examples of key benefits.


Plastic meets Electronics – we combine the techno- logies. 3D solutions based on plastics and electronics, as 3D MID or 2D flexible PCB solutions for mechatronic systems, optimize the utilization of scarce installation space.


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