scope of services

Human Resources

To ensure the growth of Wiesauplast going forward, our employees are the key to success. This is why the training of specialists, the promotion of new managers, and integrated human resource development have always been key components of our HR strategy.

We take this topic very seriously and are fully aware that the transformation of the employment market demands even greater engagement to ensure the long-term loyalty of our specialists and managers.

Metall Substitution

The line between metal and plastic continues to shift. Weight reduction, the integration of functions, ex- panded design freedom, and component and system costs are driving this trend.


With plastic-metal hybrid technology, Wiesauplast combines the benefits of two different materials and realizes synergy effects beyond the capabilities of a single material. Mechanical load capacity and electrical conductivity are just two examples of key benefits.


Plastic meets Electronics – we combine the techno- logies. 3D solutions based on plastics and electronics, as 3D MID or 2D flexible PCB solutions for mechatronic systems, optimize the utilization of scarce installation space.


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