Our History Leads into the Future

For nearly 50 years the name WIESAUPLAST has stood for experience competence and innovation in the plastics engineering field. During this period we have developed into an internationally well-known supplier of key industries such as the automotive, consumer goods and medical technologies industries.



2010 Establishment of MID-TRONIC Wiesauplast GmbH, launch of the highly automated production of brake fluid reservoirs in the Wiesau plant, initial production of control housings for the NAFTA area in the Mexico location
2008 Wiesauplast celebrates its 50th anniversary
2007 Construction of and move into a newly built plant in Guanajuato, Mexico, to supply the NAFTA market
2006 Launch of the first electric injection molding unit in Wiesau, opening of sales office in Detroit to serve NAFTA area
2005 Initial operation of newly built plant in Wiesau with a production area of 30,000 m2 with state-of-the-art technology
2000 Establishment of joint venture with Plastic Moldings Company / US partner company
1996 INDUS Holding AG joins Wiesauplast as a partner
1995 Supply of the first products consisting of technical, high-temperature materials
1990 Initial manufacture of complex tools (requiring complicated mechanical demolding processes)
1985 Initial manufacture of brake fluid reservoirs for the automotive industry
1984 Co-development and start of complete manufacture of small kitchen appliances
1983 Initial manufacture of control housings for the automotive industry in Wiesau
1961 Initial manufacture of indicators for the Volkswagen Beetle
1958 Establishment of a mold-making and plastics processing company in Wiesau by Mr. Herbert Kupke